Road trip, Scottish Highlands


Road trip is one of my favourite thing to do. May it be just a short day trip, or a long weekend holiday get away, I find it more relaxing and fun, than doing nothing when there’s “nothing” else to do. I simply love going out.

On this blog I will be sharing my family’s short but memorable trip to the highlands and back. Based on our own experience, I will share some of our chosen stops and go areas. There are quiet a lot more places to see, than where we went. Please do more online search if you want to see more places.

I’m glad my husband loves road tripping and travelling like I do. Moving here from the Philippines, at first I wasn’t sure about things. But I let my husband know exactly what I wanted to do as soon as I arrive. I wanted to learn history and see all the beautiful places I have read on the books, and seen online.

The very first place in Scotland I felt in love bigtime was Glencoe, up in the highlands. It is simply beautiful and perfect. It made me wish that one day my parents will be able to see the beauty of my new home sweet home away from home.

Fast forward to a few years later. After my parents retired from their respective jobs, we invited them over to Scotland. First of all, is for them to be able to met our new baby, and secondly to show how beautiful the sceneries here and the rest of the United Kingdom.

One thing I was worried about was the big difference between the warm and humid weather in our home country to a cold and rainy here. I thought my parents wont be able to cope. But by surprise, the weather adjustment for them was not that complicated as we thought, both were able to adjust right away. Of course they would complain that its way colder here, but didn’t stop them from going around. The excitement of showing them places started on.


We took off from Glasgow at around 7am. We kind of love coffee and tea all the time. Flask and all that are needed for a coffee break were all in. Of course, enough survival foods to eat, snacks and more snacks. I personally like to bring extra foods in every road trip just in case we get stuck up somewhere along the way. As a matter of fact, if I’m being honest, I don’t know how to travel light! I have tried many times and failed many times. High five to those who can relate!.

We went through the M8 towards The Erskine Bridge to (M898), then A82. A82  goes through the length of the beautiful Loch Lomond. Our favorite stop to have a better view of the Loch is at Luss Village. There are things to consider if you want to stop at the Village, including the  pay parking and pay toilet. Maybe not a problem for most. The parking is massive actually, but if you are like me who think alot about how to spend money wisely and park for free then, take some from me. If you’re lucky enough, you may be able to park on the roadside for free, but other than that, you pay for parking. Depending on what time of the year you are travelling, these Village can really be so busy, specially during the summer and school break time.  We love it here,  and I love coming back here over and over again. You can either eat at the restaurant to use the toilet for free, or go and pay the public toilet for 20p (one time use only). If you dont have any 20p ready with you, no worries!, they have a machine that can change your coins into a number of wonderful 20 pence.

Luss Village by the Loch Lomond
Loch Lomond

After a little more than an hour drive, we stopped at The Green Welly in Crianlarich.  Had the much-needed toilet break, travel break, and most of all brunch break with a view.

The next destination of course was my favourite Glencoe. No matter how many times I have been there, I always want to go back. I knew my parents loves scenic views, specially my dad. Glencoe was amongst the top of the list to go.  As expected, it never failed to impress my parents. They cant stop saying how beautiful the scenery was and how they would love to go back again next time. Glencoe is an ideal place for hikers, walkers, trekkers or simply nature lovers. I’m always happy everytime I see this place. I could sit there all day watching the day go by specially on a bright and sunny day.

Glencoe and I
My Tatay (Dad) enjoying the view…….. notice the piper at the back.

After Glencoe we headed to the Commando Memorial in Spean Bridge. It is a monument dedicated to British Commando Forces during the war. This place also served as a training ground for the armed forces (I’m not sure if it still being used for training until now). Parking is not a problem, there is huge parking space for all travellers.  Their is also a space for “private” memorial from families for their fallen soldiers. There is a clear message that by all respect “do not take pictures”, but to my surprise I have seen a lot of people mostly tourists taking photos at the said private family memorial. Please be considerate if you happen to be here. Do not take pictures when no taking pictures is allowed. On the other hand, the view of the sorroundings here is fabulous. You can take as much pictures as you want somewhere else around the area, the view looks like it was created to be pictured perfect.


If you are travelling further up North, make sure to stop by the Urquhart Castle ruins. It is one of the most iconic castle in the highlands by the Loch Ness. We waited here long enough to catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster, but that day wasn’t our lucky day. We will surely try again next time. The castle ruins and the view around it looks fabulously beautiful!, just go and have a look yourself, you wont regret it!.

Urquhart Castle Ruins
Urquhart Castle Ruins

We stayed overnight in Inverness. Too tired to wait and sit on a restaurant, we opted to order our dinner from a fast food restaurant. Que was long and the wait was unbeleivably even longer. The manager wasn’t so helpful too. At some point he would even argue with customers. I know customers are not always right. But the manager was not right too. People were hungry and the service was too slow. All the other staff looked grumpy and confused. Going there wasn’t a good idea, but there was no turning back. There was no much choices around the area, or we were just too tired to look around. We waited for nearly an hour if not more. After snacking on crisps, we were finally able to eat our “not” so proper foods.

The following day we went through the coastal road on our way back to Glasgow. We dropped by the Dallas Dhu Museum, along the way. Its a distillery turned museum. If you go along the coastal area there quiet a lot of distillery you can visit including the famous Chivas and Regal (Chivas Regal) distillery. Free drinks included on tour.

This trip was so tiring yet fun and memorable. I’d do it all over again!. I wish my parents would hurry up and visit us again.

So if you are planning to go on a road trip but not sure? All I could say is……Go ahead and do it!…or be squared!. It is always fun to go out and enjoy Mother Nature. My baby was only 5 months when we did this trip. He was all calm and enjoyed every moment. If youre taking a baby with you, bring everything the baby needs plus!, just be ready for poops and cuddle requirement and baby grumpiness!. Even my baby had a good time!.

Have fun travelling people! Enjoy…..


I have to post this now without double checking, so apologies for any mistake XXX.

Thank You!!!







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  1. Beautiful pictures and amazing people. That place is awesome! I really admire travel bloggers for their free spirit. New follower here!


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