Welcome all to my page.

Basically this is just a simple way of keeping myself sane (insert big smiley) because life of a first time mom at 36 is no joke (I’m past my 36th year already), but I wouldn’t change the world for anything else!.

I will try to post and blog anything and everything under the sun, from my crazy momma world to my love of travelling and learning history to whats in my lunch for the day (again insert smiley).

Here’s to know a little bit more about me

Things I love, love to do and can’t live without are:

  • my family 😍
  • my baby boy 👶🏻
  • travelling ✈️
  • learning history (cultures and events) ✅
  • time out with my friends
  • shopping
  • red lipstick 💋💄
  • coffee! ☕️
  • going to places (nature trip, museums and galleries)
  • and more travelling (🤔 if only I was rich 😄)

I will try my best to share my experiences and life and new adventures!.

Have a nice day wherever you are! and goodnight my side of the World! 😘


Enjoy and stay calm.